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trael soul explore


Come and explore the essence of yourself. Connect with Mother Earth and experience the beauty of life. Dive deep and find strength within yourself. Say YES to the sacred dance of the universe.


We believe in the power of soul travel as a tool for transformation!

Imagine stepping outside of your comfort zone, beyond preconceived notions of yourself to discover a new inner and outer reality. Through cross-cultural exploration and embodiment principles, you will discover the essence of your soul beyond cultural conditioning. Step into a new way of seeing the world- one where your eyes and ears are tuned into new dimensions and frequencies.  

Travel with us to experience a new way of being and transform from the inside out! 





Save Up to 25%

Come travel and transform with us in 2021.

Soul travel offers you the opportunity to experience unique cultures and places around the world in a transformational setting that will take you deep inside of your essence. Utilizing the Earth chakra centers and powerful energy points around the world, soul travel endeavors to bring you on an inner and outer journey that will leave you refreshed, opened, and transformed.  



  • Ceremonial Yoga practices daily

  • 1:1 Coaching/Healing sessions

  • Cacao Ceremony 

  • New Moon/Full Moon Ceremony

  • Embodied Movement

  • Group & Individual Transformational Work

  • Integrated time for personal reflection and growth

  • Energetic tools for daily life 


We are happy and excited to announce our Collaboration

with some amazing and sustainable Companies.

Explore more below. 

Explorer X crafts travel experiences for you: The open-minded, the curious, and the brave. The seekers and explorers who want more out of their travels and more out of their life.

SYI is a spiritually focused organization, built upon a foundation of love, radical self-acceptance, personal growth, and deep connection.

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*Opening Discount only available for Transance Journeys not including Collaborations.

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