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Connecting you to the starlight of the Divine

Become an embodied soul star creator


  • Step into your full wisdom, intuition and inner mastery. 

  • Learn about the 6 ethereal chakras.

  • Embody cosmic wisdom 

  • Design and change your life to your highest alignment 

  • Become your own master of the universe

  • Step into the next level of your being

  • Find your soul calling.

In The Portals of Radiance soul empowerment program you will unlock the wisdom of your own soul through a journey into divine connection with the 12- Chakra system which will help you connect the 7 main chakras in your body with the 6 ethereal chakras that exist outside of your being.

Through yoga, breath work, meditation, intuition building exercises, group exploration, journaling and much more we will together take a journey to uncover the hidden inner realms to strengthen this connection to your own Soul Star Matrix.

At this time of great becoming, we have the chance to move beyond previous limitations and fully step into our power as embodied creators of our experience here on Mother Earth. 

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Each week we will gather on Sunday via Zoom for 2 hours.

A full workbook is included in the price. Spaces are limited to 12 people for this transformative experience.  


This program is offered to accommodate many time zones. Please check below to locate your unique time zone.

 United States (Pacific Standard Time) 8am-10am

 United States (Central Standard Time) 10am-12pm

 United States (Eastern Standard Time) 11am- 1pm

 England (London) 4pm-6pm 

 Europe (Germany) 5pm-7pm 


"Portals of Radiance came to me during the perfect time, just like Mindi... that comes into your life when either an angel sends her your way or when you need her to channel wisdom from the cosmos into your life ...she appears. As a yoga, and pranayama instructor I was lacking tools of connecting with my guides and angels, and trusting the process of channeling the wisdom and teachings of the lineage I’m a part of. Portals of Radiance helped me tune in with my intuition, and re- affirmed that it is already there and accessible always we just have to plug in or ask. I highly recommend Portals of Radiance if you are just searching for answers, wanting to know more about how the universe works behind the 3rd dimension, or if you just have free time in your hands. It's worth every penny and hour invested. You wont regret it!

Also Portals of Radiance is partnered with the Yoga Alliance and if you are registered with them you can add valid hours to your education. Do yourself and the people around you a lovely favor and sign in!!"

~Lotty, POR Alumni July 2020